Zimbabwe Energy Workers Union (ZEWU)

The National Workers’ Committee training workshop was held at Chevron Hotel, Masvingo on 16 September 2017.


Participants were drawn from the Catchments as follows;

Godfrey Nedziwe (Head Office)
Goldberg Bepswa (Mazowe)
Kudzayi Machacha (Sanyati)
Charles Makovere (Runde)
Cyril Chinamasa (Manyame)
Edgar Sanyamandwe (Save)
Mthokozisi Matshazi (Gwayi)
Ellard Nazombe (Mzingwane)

M. S. Ndlovu (1st Vice President)
M. Mugabe (2nd Vice President)
P. Shotere (1st Trustee)
K. Sirivha (Treasurer General)
S. Matake (NEC Member)
M. Chikuni (General Secretary)

P. Chenyika (Education & Training Officer)

Workshop Objectives

The General Secretary outlined the objectives of the workshop as being, to;

Induct the newly elected Committee into its roles and functions.

Empower the Committee with basic skills to execute their roles and functions.

Orient the Committee on the history, constitution, vision, mission and values of ZEWU.

Familiarize the Committee with labour legislation that governs the formation of workers’ committees and other legal issues that affect workers.

Topics Covered

The following topics were covered;

The History of ZEWU
Formation, functions and the roles of a Workers’ Committee
Formation, functions and roles of a Works Council
The relationship between a Workers’ Committee and the Trade Union
Disciplinary Hearing Procedure
Grievance Handling and Dispute Resolution Procedures
Collective Bargaining Procedure
Labour legislation


A variety of methodologies that included, lecture, discussion, case study and group work were utilized during the training.

Participants’ Response

Participants exhibited significant interest as the subjects were practical and related to their experience at the workplace. There was a lot of interaction with the members of the Presidium present also imparting their knowledge acquired over the years.

Workshop Impact

At the end of the workshop, participants showed a great deal of improvement in their knowledge in the various topics covered. A snap test of the impact was done through giving them an assignment to work on in two groups which they did fairly well in a few minutes. The participants also expressed their satisfaction through the evaluation reports that they handed in at the end of the workshop.

It was observed that given their functions and roles, workers committee members need to be in touch with labour legislation and all other developments in the field. To that extent, whilst it is most appreciated the investment put in for this workshop, it is recommended that for national workers committees, the training be more frequent so as to keep them well primed on the labour laws as they are changing more frequently now.




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